Chroma 63200

AC & DC Electronic Load


  • High Power DC Electronic Load.

    Power Rating: 2.6kW, 5.2kW, 6.5kW, 10.4kW,14.5kW, 15.6kW

    Voltage range: 0~80V/0~600V/0~1000V

    Current range: Up to 1000A CC, CR, CV, CP load modes

    Master/Slave paralleling control mode, allow synchronous load control under static and dynamic loading mode (Up to 93.6kW)

    Dynamic loading: Up to 20kHz

    Only need 1V to draw rated current

    Programmable slew rate, up to 41A/μs

    Measurement: Voltage/Current/Power/Resistance

    Large LED/LCD display

    External loading waveform simulation

    Short circuit simulation and short circuit current measurement

    Full protection: OC,OP,OT protection and OV, reverse alarm

    Versatile remote controller

    GPIB & RS-232 interfaces

    CHR 63200


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    Chroma 63200

    AC & DC Electronic Load

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