Hioki 9669

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With this Hioki 9669 Clamp-On Voltage Output Sensor attached to inverter equipment or commercial power line, you can precisely measure large load current up to 1,000A AC.

The sensor is also capable of delivering 500mVAC signals to your power meter, power quality analyzer or Memory HiCorder (sold separately)


  • For measuring inverter devices or commercial power lines
  • Compatible with select power meters, power quality analyzers and Memory HiCorders (sold separately)
  • Capable of handling up to 1,000A of input current and 500mVAC output voltage
  • Stands up to 600Vrms AC voltage to Earth
  • 3m cord offers a flexible reach

Rated Input Current: 1,000A AC

Rated Output Voltage: 500mVAC full scale (0.5mV/A AC)

Amplitude Accuracy: ±1% of reading, ±0.01% full scale (45 to 66Hz)

Phase Accuracy: ±1° (at 45Hz to 5kHz)

Maximum Allowable Input: 1,000Arms continuous (45 to 66Hz)

Frequency: 40Hz to 5kHz with ±2% (deviation from accuracy)

Maximum Rated Voltage to Earth: 600Vrms AC (insulated wire)

Core Diameter: φ55mm,80 x 20mm busbar

CE Compliant: Yes

Product Length: 42mm main unit,3m cord

Product Width: 99.5mm

Product Height: 188mm

Product Weight: 590g

HIO 9669