Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor, PS-3202

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The Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor simultaneously measures force, acceleration, and angular velocity, without the inconvenience of wires.


  • 1x Hook attachment
  • 1x Bumper attachment
  • 1x Cart/bracket thumbscrew
  • 1x Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • 1x USB cable


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  • Capable of simultaneously measuring force, acceleration, and rotation, this sensor is ideal for experiments involving rotating platforms, moving carts, spring oscillations, collisions, and impulse. The wireless design offers improved measurement accuracy by eliminating cords that affect data collection. Students can use the finger-holes for handheld applications, or mount it onto a cart or rod for more complex experiments.

    Teaching Advantage

    • Bluetooth Low Energy and simple, one touch in-app pairing
    • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
    • Zeroing is completed within the software for accurate taring
    • Logging mode stores data for force, acceleration, and rotation directly on the sensor for long-term experiments
    • Simultaneously measures force and acceleration
    • Measures acceleration in x, y, and z axes, and calculates resultant acceleration
    • Built-in gyroscope measures rotation

    Typical Experiments

    • Impulse and momentum
    • Determining static and kinetic friction coefficients
    • Measuring centripetal acceleration and centripetal force
    • Newton's Third Law
    • Newton's Second Law
    • Hooke's Law
    PAS PS-3202