Essential Physics

Your COMPLETE Physics Solution

Textbook + e-Book + Equipment

PASCO’s Essential Physics is the only curriculum solution that includes a Student Textbook, Student e-Book, Teacher e-Resources, Student Lab Manual, and Equipment Kits, all at a very affordable price. This 3-D STEM program includes a full year of instruction for both General and Honors Chemistry classes. Use our complete solution or integrate Essential Physics into your existing curriculum.

Essential Physics is multiplatform and works on iOS, Android™, Chrome™, Windows®, and Mac®. What’s more, it includes 24/7 online access, as well as correlations to NGSS and your state standards.

Essential Physics Includes:

  • Innovative and interactive media
  • More than 30 videos
  • Flexible assessment options
  • Award-winning wireless equipment
  • Interactive simulations
  • 89 investigations
  • 8 Design Challenges

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  • Student Textbook

    • 27 chapters cover a full year of instruction for High School General and Honors Physics programs
    • One main idea per page
    • Quality illustrations
    • 89 complete investigations
    • 8 Design Projects
    • Section and Chapter Reviews

    Student e-Book

    • Same great features and layout as the print book
    • Multiplatform: 24/7 online access works on your devices
    • More than 30 videos
    • Formative assessment
    • Infinite Test Bank
    • Embedded animations
    • Interactive simulations and Equation Solver

    Teacher e-Resources for textbook

    • Correlation to NGSS and your state standards
    • Teacher User Guide
    • Teacher e-Book with 5-year access
    • Student e-Book with 5-year access
    • SPARKvue software

    Teacher e-Resources for Lab Manual

    • Editable documents
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Answer keys
    • Video lab assistance

    Student Lab Manual

    • More than 45 labs and activities
    • Answer keys


    • Comprehensive Equipment Kit supports the textbook and lab manual
    • Comprehensive Equipment Kit includes these individual kits: Forces and Motion; Oscillations, Waves, and Sound; Simple Machines Engineering; Modular Circuits; Light, Color, and Optics; and more
    • Standard Equipment Kit includes Forces and Motion Kit and Modular Circuits Kit

    PAS Essential Physics