Essential Chemistry Laboratory Investigations Student ManuaL, EC-6352

Are you looking for better hands-on chemistry labs? The Essential Chemistry Laboratory Investigations Student Manual includes 73 labs activities that cover a full year of chemistry topics.


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  • Our Essential Chemistry student lab manual is dynamically designed to either enhance your Essential Chemistry curriculum, or supplement your existing curriculum. It includes 73 interactive labs and activities that employ discovery-based thinking and sensor inquiry to keep students engaged in active learning throughout the class period.

    The EC-6352 student lab manual contains only the printed student resources for each of the 73 labs. These printed resources include a lab handout with procedural instructions, safety information, analysis questions, and grading rubrics; plus, a black-line master answer sheet where students record data and write their responses to analysis questions. Each page of this printed manual is perforated and three-hole punched for easy removal and storage in a standard three-ring binder. The editable electronic teacher resources materials can be purchased separately.

    This manual was designed to be used either in conjunction with the Essential Chemistry curriculum or as a supplemental lab manual. Teacher Resources must be purchased separately when using the lab manual without the Essential Chemistry textbook.


    There are 73 labs and activities covering a full year of chemistry topics. 47 of the labs use the sensors and/or equipment from the Essential Chemistry Standard Equipment Kit. The remaining labs can be performed using typical equipment found in your chemistry lab.

    PAS EC-6352