MatchGraph! Software

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MatchGraph is great for teaching:

  • Fundamental graphing skills
  • Basic concepts of position and velocity
  • The concept of slope
  • What it means when the slope is zero
  • How position and velocity graphs relate to each other

MatchGraph is compatible with:

  • PASCO Wireless Motion Sensor
  • PASCO Wireless Smart Cart
  • PASPORT Motion Sensor with a PASCO Interface
  • ScienceWorkshop Motion Sensor with a PASCO Interface

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Free MatchGraph!™ Software

MatchGraph software is the most intuitive way to teach motion graphing. Engage your students with a kinesthetic experience that teaches graphing centered on motion. In MatchGraph, students attempt to match one of the nine provided graphs and are given a score showing how accurately they match their chosen curve. This activity gives them a deeper understanding of interpreting graphs as they see their own position and velocity graphed in real time.

When students use a PASCO Motion Sensor, they can create graphs of their own motion that they can then analyze. When they use a Smart Cart, students view real-time graphs of a cart they move.

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