WAVES & OPTICS/ Telescope/Microscope, EX-9988

Student experiment using an optics bench to build telescopes for use with a viewing screen.


  • 1x Basic Optics Light Source
  • 2x Adjustable Lens Holder
  • 1x Geometric Lens Set
  • 1x Basic Optics Viewing Screen
  • 1x 1.2 m Optics Track -- Basic Optics


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  • Students construct an astronomical telescope, a Galilean telescope, and a compound microscope on the optical bench. Using a viewing screen with grid, they find and describe the ways in which images are changed by the multiple lens systems.

    The parallax method is used to locate virtual images. Students draw ray diagrams and measure the magnification of the instruments.

    PASCO Advantage: Using the Basic Optics Track and Adjustable Lens Holders makes it easy for students to quickly build each of the instruments. Open construction means that all students can see the location and types of lenses used.

    Topics Covered

    • Multiple Lens Systems
    • Magnification
    • Parallax
    • Description of Images
    PAS EX-9988