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The high-end Seaward Primetest Elite (otherwise known as Apollo 600) is widely considered the most advanced and feature packed portable appliance tester on the New Zealand market.

It features a crisp and clear HD screen, an easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard. Conveniently, it comes with an in-built Isolation Transformer - so you'll be able to test RCD's without needing to purchase any additional equipment.

The Primetest Elite is both battery and mains operated for easy transportation, while also having a large 10,000 test memory storage. This includes fields for location, site and date, make, model, serial number and user comments.

Likewise, it utilises Bluetooth technology to ensure that all of your accessories and equipment work seamlessly together. The Primetest Elite can also be purchased as a kit which comes with a Bluetooth Scanner, Bluetooth Printer, Software and Carry Case.


  • High definition colour display 
  • On board colour camera with flash 
  • Store 2000 images 
  • Store 50,000 appliance records 
  • Remote data transfer from field to office 
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity 
  • Built in universal and electrical risk assessment tools 
  • Additional health & safety certificates with ability to update with more 
  • Low current earth continuity test guaranteeing accurate measurement 
  • Insulation resistance 
  • IEC lead test 
  • Protective conductor current 
  • Touch current 
  • Load power/current 
  • Alternative leakage current 
  • Point to point testing for fixed appliances 
  • RCD test 
  • Power socket test

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SEA 380A910

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