AEMC 6472 Sweep Frequency

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The Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 6472 performs bond resistance, ground resistance, soil resistivity, earth coupling, and Step & Touch potential tests. When used in combination with the GroundFlex® Adapter Model 6474 (factory supplied product only), Power Transmission Tower and Tower Leg Ground Resistance testing is also available. Up to 512 test results can be stored in internal memory for later recall to the display or download to a computer running DataView (free) for analysis and report generation.


  • Features:

    •     3-Point Fall-of-Potential measurement with manual or automatic frequency selection
    •     4-Point soil resistivity measurement with automatic calculation of Rho and user selection of the Wenner or Schlumberger test        
    •     3-Point earth coupling measurement
    •     Measures Ground Resistance using the 2 clamp method (selective ground testing)
    •     Measures Ground Impedance at frequencies up to 5kHz to test lightning strike protection
    •     Manual and automatic frequency scan from 40 to 5078Hz for optimum test accuracy in electrically noisy environments
    •     Selectable test voltage of 16 or 32V up to 250mA of test current
    •     Auto-off power management
    •     Automatic recognition of all electrode connections and their resistance value
    •     Stores up to 512 complete test results
    •     Optically isolated USB communication
    •     Remote set up and operation of all measurements using DataView?« software
    •     Automatic report generation including the fall of potential plot
    •     Rechargeable NiMH batteries from wall charger or vehicle power
    •     Rugged dustproof and rainproof field case
    •     DataView software for data storage, real-time display, analysis, report generation and system configuration

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    AEMC 6472