Chroma ATS 8000

Switching Power Supply ATS


  • Open architecture software

    Expandable hardware support

    Support GPIB instruments & RS232/RS485/I2C interface

    User editable test iteam

    User editable test programs

    User editable report format

    Statistic report

    On-Line control function

    User authority control

    Release control

    Activity log

    Master/Slave control mode

    Multi-UUT test capability for single-output PSU

    Support barcode reader

    Support shop-floor control

    Remote monitoring via internet

    Test command optimizer helps to improve test speed

    Capable of coding for any power supply testing applications

    Comprehensive hardware modules provide high accuracy and repetitive measurements

    High test throughput by system default test items

    Microsoft word based evaluation report or UUT characterization

    Cost effective

    Other hardware expandable upon request

    Windows 98/2000/XP or higher based software

    CHR ATS 8000


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    Chroma ATS 8000

    Switching Power Supply ATS

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