Hioki 9661

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Clamp-On Voltage Output Sensor, 500A

Connect this clamp-on sensor to your compatible device to measure the voltage of inverters or commercial power lines.

The sensor is capable of measuring up to 500A AC continuously.


  • For measuring inverter devices or commercial power lines
  • Compatible with Hioki 3196 model, as well as other power quality analyzers, power meters and Memory HiCorders (sold separately)
  • Built to handle up to 500A of input current and delivers up to 500mVAC output voltage
  • Withstands up to 600Vrms AC voltage to Earth
  • 3m cord provides a comfortable reach

Rated Input Current:                     500A AC

Rated Output Voltage:                    500mVAC full scale (1mV/A AC)

Amplitude Accuracy:                     ±0.3% of reading, ±0.01% full scale (45 to 66Hz)

Phase Accuracy:                      ±0.5° (at 45Hz to 5kHz)

Maximum Allowable Input:             550Arms continuous (45 to 66Hz)

Frequency:                              40Hz to 5kHz with ±1% or less (deviation from accuracy)

Maximum Rated Voltage to Earth:    600Vrms AC (insulated wire)

Core Diameter:                             46m

CE Compliant:                             Yes

Product Length:                            42mm main unit, 3m cord

Product Width:                            77mm

Product Height:                             151mm

Product Weight                            380g 

HIO 9661