Hioki 3490

Insulation Resistance Tester

Hioki iInsulation Resistance testers or megohmmeters feature all-in-one designs including built-in rugged cases & test lead storage compartments. The 3490 is a 3-range, 250/500/1000V analog insulation resistance meter with efficient functions and features to help shorten work time associated with field insulation testing.



  • Main Features:

    Functional all in one unit complete with sliding cover and test lead storage

    Luminous scale

    Test with a simple touch of the switch on the LED-embedded test lead

    Extended 35mm test pins

    30Ω Range ideal for wiring inspection of general power outlets in accordance with AS/NZS3017

    3 Insulation resistance ranges (250V/500V/1000V)

    Crystal clear analog scale

    Wide 0-50ºC operational temperature range

    Continuity testing according to International standards

    Battery power constantly monitored

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    HIO 3490