Hioki PQ3100

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Instrument Gains Ability to Monitor DC Power Quality in Response to Increasingly Widespread Use of Renewable EnergyHioki’s newly launched PQ3100 introduces DC measurement support in response to increasingly widespread use of renewable energy.

In addition, the new instrument meets customers’ measurement needs with features such as its Quick Set function, which guides users through the process of connecting and configuring the instrument easily and reliably.


  • AC/DC power measurement and power quality monitoring
  • Easy, accurate connection and configuration with the Quick Set function, which guides the user through measurement procedures
  • More accurate analysis of issue causes thanks to the ability to record 11 seconds surrounding anomalous events
  • Robust support for customers’ analytical work thanks to a full-featured PC application
  • Extensive line of current sensors to accommodate a diverse range of customer needs
  • CAT III (1000 V) safety and an operating temperature range of -20°C to 50°C

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HIO PQ3100